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Joevell Arnold

Born with a natural gift for computer coding, Joevell Arnold, 16, discovers his hidden talents in the computer lab of West Side Academy in Detroit. Encouraged and championed by his teacher, Judi Dent, who leads the school’s TEALS Program, Joevell graduates early from high school and embarks on a summer internship with Microsoft that helps him find a newfound passion and solidify his future plans for a technology career.


Melanie Rayford

A sophomore at Wayne State University studying computer engineering, Melanie Rayford is on a mission to break barriers for women in tech. After winning several scholarships that are helping to make her dreams a reality, Melanie is hired as a summer intern with Microsoft and given the opportunity to mentor young people. She also meets a mentor of her own and reveals the painful family secret that drives her.


Microsoft’s GDYT DSA 2019 Summer Interns

Produced and directed by

Robin Schwartz

Preview / Trailer

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